Saturday, October 16, 2010

A little update...

I'm really not sure what to write about, but since I'm in a place with internet it occurred to me that I owe this blog a post.
A while ago, I posted a one-liner about being pregnant. It's very true. I'm around 10 weeks pregnant now. I know it's a little early to be announcing (someone commented that now it would seem like I am going to be pregnant FOREVER), but I figure if I have to deal with the waiting for another 6 1/2 months, then so should everyone else. :P
Nathan and I are really excited, and we have been since we found out (about 5 weeks ago). Still, in the midst of everything, this is all really weird for me. All kinds of things are happenning in my body, and I'm tired all the time, and I'm never hungry except when I am HUNGRY, and when I'm not hungry and I try to eat because I should I get sick... I don't even get the satisfaction of seeing my belly get bigger this early - I just know that I have to pee a lot and have a psychological issue about sleeping on my stomach: just. in. case.
So, right now I'm feeling a little weird. This is an odd period of change for me, and it's the first time I've ever gone through it, so I'm a little off balance. I've been told things will even out as I get further along, and believe me, I'm heartily looking forward to it.
All that said, Nathan and I have been busy planning for life with baby. We got a new van (a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan SE) that has SO MUCH SPACE! It's perfect for Nathan's job, and it's perfect for us and baby. I'm super happy about it.
My mom came up last weekend and helped me clean the house, which is awesome. I still need to do some work on the laundry (I've only been working on it for weeks. I probably could be better about being efficient with it, but I forget - and when I don't forget, I get so exhausted. Still, I'm working on it.) and in the office and the living room. It was really good to get to spend time with my Mom, I've missed her a lot lately, and I'm really happy that she got to come up and we could spend some quality time together.
The reason for the cleaning fest is because Nathan and I got some new furniture this week! Well, new to us, anyway. Our friends the Coffman's were receiving some new furniture from a friend of theirs who was moving, and they offered us the things that were currently in their house (most of which were antiques! How cool is that!) we received a new bed (queen size! we're going to be spoiled!), a short, wide dresser, an armoire, a bedside table, a nice large filing cabinet, and will be getting a lingerie cabinet/jewelry chest as soon as Ashley can transfer her things from her old one to her new one (which is huge and very, very pretty). We're really happy about this turn of events, because it means that our old bed can be (and currently is) in the nursery, which is going to double as a guest room for a bit. :)
Kaylee and Jack are doing well, by the way. As the weather gets colder, they are getting more and more into snuggling with us, and Kaylee especially is a purring machine! She is also not nearly as interested in going outside since it's gotten chilly outside the house. We also discovered last night the reason that they never stayed in bed with us at night - they didn't feel like there was enough space on the full size bed! They both spent the entire night on the bed with us last night! It was awesome, because I was having a little trouble adjusting to new mattress, but every time I woke up there were kittens piled on us, wanting lovin's and purring. :) Best night ever.
I will put up pictures of new things as soon as I have a camera again - I bought the wrong kind of batteries at the store last time, so now we have to wait for payday again. But rest assured they will be here... at some point.
Also, in related news: Nathan and I will go for my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound on Monday! Say a prayer for me, if you wouldn't mind, that there won't be too many needles. I know I'll have to learn to handle them, but I'd like to do it more slowly, if possible. We will try and get them to give us some digital copies of the ultrasound pictures so we can share what we know with all of you. I'll try not to wait so long before I post again as well.
Happy Saturday!