Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas! (Part 1)

Imagine how excited I was to wake up on Saturday and see snow! (Well, okay, I won't fib - Nathan woke me up at like 7AM to see the snow, and I was half-asleep, so I certainly didn't act excited then.)
But later in the day - after a "little" mishap...
Well, perhaps I should elaborate. Nathan, poor guy, had woken up early, and went in the living room so I could sleep in (how thoughtful!). He was playing on his computer, and got up to look for a disk, and.... Well, it wasn't pretty. His computer's power cable got caught around his ankle, and it crashed to the floor - cracking his LCD screen in three places. My poor husband. He was (and still is a little) distraught. Not so much over the item (though it cost over $600) or the repair bill (which will be at least $300), but because, being such a nerd as he is, his primary form of entertainment is his computer. He watches TV and movies on it, plays games on it, sometimes reads books on it, keeps up with online comics and newsletters, of course being on Facebook, and keeping up (occasionally) with his own blog.
So, his screen is broken. *sigh* The computer still works, thank goodness, but he has to hook it up to an external monitor to make it do anything, and we haven't done that yet, because our external is old and heavy (but at least we have one - thanks so much Mom and Dad for the desktop you gave us last Christmas!).
Aaaanyway... So after a few manly tears and a lot of hugs, I managed to convince Nathan that taking a drive and watching the snow would help him feel better. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong - he didn't cheer up a bit. And I can't blame him. Being someone who has never driven in Richmond in the winter before, I tend to forget how bad the roads are on the morning of the first day of a snowstorm. So he was a nervous wreck as we drove out, first to campus, and then to Lake Reba, to find a place to park and look at the snow. We didn't end up parking, by the time we got to the entrance to Lake Reba, I knew that an excursion wasn't going to make him feel better, so I agreed to give it up and just go home.
Sad day. I didn't even get any pictures of how perfect and untouched the snow was up there! Maybe next winter, huh?

Until then, have this gorgeous picture I found on picasa via google.

The rest of that morning was mostly him sitting in various places about the living room, being super sad about his computer, and me trying various ways to make him feel better. Nothing worked, really, so I defaulted to my spend-money habit of cheering him up (we're really trying to get away from that one...) and suggested that we go to Cici's for lunch. What better to cheer anyone up than a carb fest of custom-order pizzas?
We picked up Courtney (friend from school and church who also doesn't drive) and took her with us for lunch. Spending time with her is super important, because she will be moving in with us (yay roommate!) in a couple of weeks.
Background on that: I met Courtney a year ago when she started college - we were in choir together, and Dr. Wolf's studio. She's all-around a pretty cool lady. When I met her, she'd been married for about 4 1/2 months (I'd been married almost 1 month). This fall, she got really interested in looking for a church, and after looking around some, had an experience that prompted her to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Which was awesome, What was not awesome was her discovering, not long after she made that decision, that her father was dying, her husband wanted a divorce, and that she wasn't going to be able to pay to be in school next semester. :( She's had a really hard time lately. Fortunately (for all involved), Nathan and I have an extra bedroom, and found ourselves with an extra bed in said room about the time we realized that she would need one. So, when the semester ends, she'll be moving her belongings into our spare room and she and I are going to go job hunting together. :) We're not sure, at the moment, how long she is going to be staying, but since the whole point is to help her get on her feet and get into a place of her own, we're hoping to help her get that accomplished before the baby arrives.
Aaaaaanyway... We went to Cici's with Courtney, which did seem to cheer Nathan up a little, but like all material things, it didn't keep him happy for long. We just generally had a bad afternoon, sniping at each other as we got ready for the Saturday session of conference and on the way up to Lexington. We managed to get most of it worked out before conference started (and thank goodness for that - I hate being frustrated with him, and I know he dislikes being frustrated with me at least as much!), and had a fairly good evening.
The Saturday evening session of conference was really like a breath of fresh air (and a wake up call) for me. I can't remember much of what President Arntz spoke about (did someone take notes, because I forgot this time, and that makes me sad), but after his talk, a sister took the stand to give a talk about reverence. I was enchanted by the lessons she taught about the need for proper reverence in our lives, and our responsibility to teach our children that it is not about how we look (usually grumpy-faced, sadly), but about our inner attitude. I remember she asked how many of us had found ourselves sitting silently during the blessing and passing of the sacrament, and yet found ourselves thinking about temporal matters or desires instead of allowing our thoughts to rest on the Savior and the blessing of his sacrifice. I know that, for myself, I have found myself in that situation many times! She also taught about the importance of teaching our children that reverence happens outside the chapel, and is appropriate in our homes during family home evening, family prayer, and family scripture study. She taught that if we reinforce those habits and attitudes in our children at home, our efforts will show in our children's behavior during Sunday services. You can imagine what a brilliant lesson this was to me, as I am about to become a mother for the first time, and am seeking to better myself and my family so that Nathan and I may provide a gospel-centered environment for our family.
After the sister's talk, we were privileged to hear from Elder Stephen D. Posey of the Sixth Quorum of the 70. I don't know that I can accurately summarize what he spoke about, except to say that he echoed many sentiments of the sister who spoke before him (he had asked her to speak on that topic for that very reason - two witnesses), and added an emphasis on temple service and attendance.

I found that particularly interesting, because Nathan and I had been talking about how we REALLY needed to get to the temple again, and soon! I think, because of gas costs and temple closings, we are going to have to wait until January, but we are planning to try and make it at least 1 time a month after that. I can tell that I need the temple more in my life, to help me keep my mind and my actions centered on the covenants I have made and carrying them out in my life. I am fairly certain, from conversing with him, that Nathan feels the same.
Elder Posey also talked about the Proclamation on the Family, and how it was our responsibilty - whether we were in families of eight, three, two, or only one, to hold ourselves to the standards outlined there. I love that - that the proclamation applies not only to me, as someone who is about to be a mother, or to my friends who are married and have children already, but also to my single friends, as they strive to become people who are ready to provide for their eternal families. Elder Posey also strongly encouraged the married couples in our stake to never go to bed angry with each other, but to always take the time to talk out their problems, apologise, and forgive each other before bed, so that they might keep a harmonious home.
All in all, I think Saturday went really well (especially because at the end of it, Nathan apologised for being sad and moody and I apologised for being snippy and we made up and so had a good night of sleep.) for all the things that were bad about it. And I can't wait to tell you about Sunday, which was, in my opinion, pretty awesome.
But that is going to have to wait for another day, as it is a quarter to 7PM, and I have to go grocery shopping, fix dinner, and help Nathan with FHE in the next few hours. God bless, all, and I'll see you in a day or two!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Week of Internet Thanks - Day 4

It is late, and Black Friday at Walmart has sapped my desire to do anything other than sterilize the majority of the population.  This is slightly late, but I suspect you will forgive me.  If not, I suspect I will live.

Day 4 - Webcomics

Below I have included links to some of my favorite webcomics.  Enjoy, and happy belated Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Week of Internet Thanks - Day 3

This one is quick, because I am tired from driving back from Arkansas.  Today on the Internet I am thankful for Hanson, specifically for making them not for little girls anymore.

Day 3 - Hanson

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Week of Internet Thanks - Day 2

I am sitting at Bluegrass Airport, waiting on the very first flight of my life to take off.  To take a bit of the edge off, I thought I should be thankful for something.  So, here it goes.

Day 2 - Podcasts
I have included the embedded players for two of my favorite podcasts.  Hope you enjoy!

Stop Podcasting Yourself - The Sound of Young America
Jordan, Jesse GO! - The Sound of Young America

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Week of Internet Thanks - Day 1

Somwhere amongst the tryptophan overdoses and the ritual worship of extremely padded pigskin-slinging gladiators, it is customary to give thanks for ones blessings during this aptly named holiday of Thanksgiving*.

Because the real world is scary and the day star burns, the only real thing I'm thankful for is the Internet**.  This week, you'll see why.

Day 1 - Jessica's Daily Affirmations

*You Canadians are free to go back to being selfish and self-absorbed.
**No, not really.  It's called suspension of disbelief, you should try it some time.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scrappers Give Thanks

Scrappers Give Thanks

I cannot say enough about how worthy a cause this is, ladies. If anyone reading my blog has not participated in this page-raiser yet, please consider doing so! Your submissions could help bring a smile to the faces of so many children!

My Pages:

Made with bits from: Kellie's Kreations

Made with bits from: Scrappy Princess

Made with bits from: Kellie's Kreations

Made with bits from: Kellie's Kreations

Follies and Foibles*

I find myself sitting at the computer, lo this Saturday evening, downloading a CD by which I can restore my PC.

"Why is this?" you undoubtedly find yourself asking.  "You're the king of all computers, the emperor of electronics, the sultan on silicon."

Thank you.  Really, you're too kind.  Unfortunately, even at my exalted station can one fall victim to the simplest of mistakes.  Haste, it is said, makes waste.  It also makes for accidentally deleting restore partitions before you've had a chance to create backup DVDs.  If that rhymed it would be an equally popular saying.

So here's a Public Service Announcement (not from your favorite DJ Three Dog**, but from me, Nathan): make sure you have backups created before you do stupid things.  Or before you do smart things.  In fact, quit reading this, make a backup, and come back.



Good.  Don't you feel better.  I know I do.

Now my burn is completed and the real work begins.  Off to the races, boys and girls.

*I'm not 100% sure what that word means.
**You're welcome, Fallout 3 nerds.

Christmas Decorating Plans

I know it's not time for Christmas... yet... but it's never too early to start planning for decorations, right?

It's not even really that early - decorations can go up next Friday. :) YAY!

- Retrieve tree and decorations from mother-in-law's house on Thanksgiving. Make husband carry heavy tupperware containers. Console him with lots of kisses.
- Decorate with ornaments from last year. Small collection, but pretty.
- Buy cheap ball ornaments at the Dollar Tree ($2 for like 30), so that cats do not ruin nice ornaments. Test them by throwing a few at the sidewalk outside for shatter-index. Probably buy a cheap tree skirt to make clean-up easier (No idea about $$).
- Pop Dollar Tree popcorn ($1 - three bags) and string it on leftover thread from my sewing class, make HUGE popcorn garland to lay all over tree (cats do not like popcorn).
- Cut construction paper ($1)(also purchased from Dollar Tree) into 1/2-inch strips legnthwise, then cut each strip into 1 1/2 inch pieces. Glue together to make garland. Wrap around tree. Be excited.
- Hang christmas lights and possibly ornaments from each of the three front windows. (Mini Tree Lights = $2.50 at Wal*Mart - still shopping for plastic "non-breaking" ornaments).
- Buy box of candy canes - decorate the tree & are removable for stirring into cocoa! Genius! (88¢ at Wal*Mart)
- Look at Dollar Tree for cheap, cheesy christmas-themed tablecloths - use one for kitchen table, use the other two for living room side table, and desk/entertainment center. (Assuming around $3 - considering where I'm buying them)
- Maybe table runner to put on LP player? ($1?)
- Undecided about greenery - considering the kittens, I think no this year.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mi chiamano Mimì

Sì. Mi chiamano Mimì,
ma il mio nome è Lucia.
La storia mia è breve.
A tela o a seta
ricamo in casa e fuori...
Son tranquilla e lieta
ed è mio svago
far gigli e rose.
Mi piaccion quelle cose
che han sì dolce malìa,
che parlano d'amor, di primavere,
di sogni e di chimere,
quelle cose che han nome poesia...
Lei m'intende?

Mi chiamano Mimì,
il perché, non so.
Sola, mi fo
il pranzo da me stessa.
Non vado sempre a messa,
ma prego assai il Signore.
Vivo sola, soletta.
Là in una bianca cameretta:
guardo sui tetti e in cielo;
Ma quando vien lo sgelo,
il primo sole è mio,
il primo bacio dell'aprile è mio!
Il primo sole, è mio.
Germoglia in un vaso una rosa...
Foglia a foglia la spio!
Cosi gentile il profumo d'un fiore!
Ma i fior ch'io faccio,
Ahimè! non hanno odore.
Altro di me non le saprei marrare.
Sono la sua vicina che la vien fuori d'ora a importunare.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sandwiches, Faces, and Blinking

Dear Imaginary Readers,

It is time once again for the bi-annual update of Coincidental Fishsticks.  This update is sponsored by Boredom™.  When there's nothing else to do, choose Boredom™!

Tonight's insane, rambling diatribe is inspired by National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.  For those poor few uninformed, this is a month in which the nation, as a whole, sits down to write a novel.  The best of these get self-published.  The worst are burned while their authors fight to be the one survivor of the Thunderdome (Fun Fact: on the weekends, the Thunderdome is home to high school football tournaments).

It is also a time in which amateur authors are encouraged to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard to create a piece of fiction out of nothing.  The act of conjuring up a world is the closest man can come to magic*.  Fifty thousand words which existed before are being reorganized in a way never before seen to create something completely new.  Nobody has ever seen this thing you've created before, because you just created it.  "This is my story," you will say in unison with your writing brothers**, "There are many like it but this one is mine."

This is both liberating and debilitating.  I find it completely numbing, and not in the fun way you get before dental work.  The options are, if it is possible, too unlimited.  I need boundaries, and this blows them away.  I salute those who can look the open prairie in the metaphorical face and wait to see who blinks first***.  I look forward to completely ignoring your novel the way I do most things.  For now, my steam has run out and I never did figure out if I had a point or not, so I'm going to end here.  Now, where's that sandwich?

*Unless you're Criss Angel.
**And sisters.  Geez, we get it.  Ladies can do anything fellas can do.  Now be a doll and make me a sandwich, yeah?
***You will.  Metaphors don't need to blink, because of their state of being not a physical object.  Use a dog or small child instead.

Home Again, Home Again...

I find, with each passing day, I am more and more glad to be home.
Yesterday was exhausting. Phew.
It was the dress rehearsal for Dr. Wolf's Studio Recital & Fall Opera Scenes. Which naturally means that Deanna (Opera Guild President) and myself (Opera Guild's oldest current standing member and Treasurer) were out and on the go all day. Phew! It's a good thing she's staying at my house all week, we could just crash when it was all over!
My day looked something like this:
7:00 - alarm went off. It was around this time. I woke up, Dee didn't.
7:15 - I was dressed, Dee was wiping sand out of her eyes. :P
7:45 - showers and breakfast aside, we were ready to leave.
8:00 - Institute (studying D&C this semester)
9:00 - Go back to apartment for computer power chord - dummy.
9:15 - Go to Chase and get change. Because cash is imporant to have on hand.
9:20 - 10:15 - Drive around campus and curse EKU parking. Epic fail.
10:20 - Arrive at class. Is there a test today?
10:21 - Check the syllabus. THERE ARE NO DATES.
10:24 - Ask a classmate. No idea.
10:25 - Ask another. NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING!
10:26 - 11:59 - FREAK OUT! And study the powerpoints online. OH WAIT - you don't have Microsoft Office. Nevermind.
11:00 - Biology starts. Test is not for two more weeks. Experience sweet relief.
12:00 - Walk to Foster.
12:15 - Wait for Deanna to get un-Lost.
12:20 - Go with Dee to pay her rent, pick up her props. We are getting tired now. Found the next two issues of a manga I'm reading in her apartment. Ganked them. Sweet victory.
1:16 - Go to my apartment. Pick up props. Play with kittens. Joy.
1:45 -Go to ACE. Dee's mother is not there. Her grandmother is in the hospital. Lovely.
2:00 - Go to the Dollar Tree. They do not have what we need. We continue to be tired.
2:10 - Go to Hobby Lobby. FINALLY! Found (part of) it!
2:50 - Sit in traffic.
3:05 - Go to Party City. Found the other part. Debated over price. Was tired, bought the cheaper of the two. Declared it suitable.
3:20 - Drive to campus. Park. Then WALK to rehearsal.
3:24 - I found myself with a serious desire to cause bodily harm to the first person to be snarky to me.
3:30 - Rehearsal starts. We have to dress Chase for his opera scene. He likes Orange & Purple, I like Teal. Deanna overrides him and says yes Teal. I have a moment of triumph.
3:40 - Dee starts rehearsal for Stoned Guest.
3:41 - Children start arriving for Oliver! scene. I have to answer many questions.
4:00 - Five kids (that's two more than were at rehearsal last week) Dee, Courtney, and I begin drawing food on posterboard.
4:15 - Act like you have energy. Check. Devise choreography for end of children's scene. Check. Rehearse it with them three times. Check. Fall over and die now? Nope, not happening.
5:00 - Rehearse La Boheme. Face melts off because I have forgotten all the words to my aria. Which is in Italian. Failcakes.
5:30 - Rehearsal blessedly ends. Dee remembers to pick up the markers that I was too tired to care about. All leave.
5:45 - Have urgent desire to speak with Ashley. Get offered free food from Subway. Take her up on offer. Have dinner. Speak urgently.
7:00 - Husband calls. Wants to know why I am not home and where is the chili? I am embarassed - I forgot it.
7:20 - I am home. Husband forgives me.
8:something - I am tired. I go to bed.
9:something - ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz......................

This said. I am again tired. And tomorrow is the performance. And I'm still having word difficulties.
But on the bright side, baby has decided to behave and quit with the nausea thing. :) Woohoo!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A little update...

I'm really not sure what to write about, but since I'm in a place with internet it occurred to me that I owe this blog a post.
A while ago, I posted a one-liner about being pregnant. It's very true. I'm around 10 weeks pregnant now. I know it's a little early to be announcing (someone commented that now it would seem like I am going to be pregnant FOREVER), but I figure if I have to deal with the waiting for another 6 1/2 months, then so should everyone else. :P
Nathan and I are really excited, and we have been since we found out (about 5 weeks ago). Still, in the midst of everything, this is all really weird for me. All kinds of things are happenning in my body, and I'm tired all the time, and I'm never hungry except when I am HUNGRY, and when I'm not hungry and I try to eat because I should I get sick... I don't even get the satisfaction of seeing my belly get bigger this early - I just know that I have to pee a lot and have a psychological issue about sleeping on my stomach: just. in. case.
So, right now I'm feeling a little weird. This is an odd period of change for me, and it's the first time I've ever gone through it, so I'm a little off balance. I've been told things will even out as I get further along, and believe me, I'm heartily looking forward to it.
All that said, Nathan and I have been busy planning for life with baby. We got a new van (a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan SE) that has SO MUCH SPACE! It's perfect for Nathan's job, and it's perfect for us and baby. I'm super happy about it.
My mom came up last weekend and helped me clean the house, which is awesome. I still need to do some work on the laundry (I've only been working on it for weeks. I probably could be better about being efficient with it, but I forget - and when I don't forget, I get so exhausted. Still, I'm working on it.) and in the office and the living room. It was really good to get to spend time with my Mom, I've missed her a lot lately, and I'm really happy that she got to come up and we could spend some quality time together.
The reason for the cleaning fest is because Nathan and I got some new furniture this week! Well, new to us, anyway. Our friends the Coffman's were receiving some new furniture from a friend of theirs who was moving, and they offered us the things that were currently in their house (most of which were antiques! How cool is that!) we received a new bed (queen size! we're going to be spoiled!), a short, wide dresser, an armoire, a bedside table, a nice large filing cabinet, and will be getting a lingerie cabinet/jewelry chest as soon as Ashley can transfer her things from her old one to her new one (which is huge and very, very pretty). We're really happy about this turn of events, because it means that our old bed can be (and currently is) in the nursery, which is going to double as a guest room for a bit. :)
Kaylee and Jack are doing well, by the way. As the weather gets colder, they are getting more and more into snuggling with us, and Kaylee especially is a purring machine! She is also not nearly as interested in going outside since it's gotten chilly outside the house. We also discovered last night the reason that they never stayed in bed with us at night - they didn't feel like there was enough space on the full size bed! They both spent the entire night on the bed with us last night! It was awesome, because I was having a little trouble adjusting to new mattress, but every time I woke up there were kittens piled on us, wanting lovin's and purring. :) Best night ever.
I will put up pictures of new things as soon as I have a camera again - I bought the wrong kind of batteries at the store last time, so now we have to wait for payday again. But rest assured they will be here... at some point.
Also, in related news: Nathan and I will go for my first prenatal appointment and ultrasound on Monday! Say a prayer for me, if you wouldn't mind, that there won't be too many needles. I know I'll have to learn to handle them, but I'd like to do it more slowly, if possible. We will try and get them to give us some digital copies of the ultrasound pictures so we can share what we know with all of you. I'll try not to wait so long before I post again as well.
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

We're Pregnant!!!! :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

Interestingly enough...

I really have nothing to talk about. I'm going to ASL in a few minutes and I'm slightly worried that Karen is going to try to sign with me about my absence Wednesday. I just am still not super comfortable with the language, is all.
My 'receptive skills' can do with a lot more practice, and I feel like I'm having trouble getting that. I really need to get with someone who has a car and go to the deaf lunches in Lexington. And maybe to that church service in...wherever it is.
In other news, iPods are bad for your grammatical health. The spell check on here is so thorough that you never have to check yourself.
More later, probably.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Best Thing To Ever Be Mine

Braced yourself for the goodbye, cause that's all you've ever known
Then, I took you by surprise
I said, "I'll never leave you alone."

I said, "I remember how we felt, sitting by the flowers.
And every time I look at you, it's like the first time.
I fell in love with the careful son of a careless father.
He is the best thing that's ever been mine."

Friday, August 27, 2010

The first week of school

This week has just been a hot mess. Lots of things happening, and I'm a little slow to deal with them all. I had a breakdown over work, almost quit, and got a transfer-

Actually, I'm going to stop there for a moment. Oh, how I absolutely hate Starbucks. That store has just some of my worst work memories in it (which, if anyone reading this remembers my ill-fated work summer in south Florida, is saying something). The drinks are complex and did I mention coffee-filled, the store and storage area are tiny and cramped, the music is rarely worth mentioning, and the manager (well, now the manager's manager) is a nervous wreck all the time and freaks out over nothing. She's one of the least professional people I've ever met.

Anyway, I threatened to quit (no, I tried, they wouldn't let me) and instead got offered a transfer to the other coffee shop on campus, where She never is and where most people just come for a Coke or a smoothie anyway. So, I feel much better about working there. Thank goodness. I was beginning to think I was going to be stuck in The Place of Awfulness.

Kaylee and Jack discovered the empty cardboard that once housed a 12-pack of generic coke today. I wish I had pictures for you. They were super cute while they demolished it. Unfortunately, last weekend my camera's batteries decided to poop out and guess who hasn't managed to replace them yet?

Yeah, that would be me.

So, instead of pictures of kittens, I give you scrapbooking goodness.

This one was made almost entirely with Scrappy Princess' "Happy Go Lucky" and "Festival" free kits. The alpha, however, was made by K. Aragard and offered as a freebie on her website. Nathan and I took this picture in Hastings about a month ago. It's one of my favorites of ours.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4x6 Bug (+More Pages)

I have been bitten, it's true. I love 4x6 layouts - they're so much more accessible: easier to print, easier to store, easier to handle. So I've done a bunch of things over the past couple days with them. :)

Here's one:

A card for my friend Alan and Katina's wedding - printed on a 4x6 with a personal message written on the back. :) And along with their present, I tucked in a picture frame so that if they wanted to, they could frame the card.
Felt Paper by Kellie
Diamonds from the ArticLicious kit by Delicious Scraps
Gold Frame by Zaza
Eternal Companions embellishment from My4PrincessDesigns
Ribbon Templates by Brandi Murray from ScrapGirls
Tag Template by Delicious Scraps

LOL This page has nothing to do with Dee. I was playing with elements from Kellie's blog freebies, and came up with this page. I couldn't find any birthday pictures to put in there, so I just grabbed a random one of Dee! :)
Frame outline by Delicious Scraps
Everything else by Kellie

A quote card for the wonderful ladies that I visit teach each month. Simple, but pretty.
Word art by Hot Pink Pansy
Ripped Edges by Amanda Sok at ScrapGirls
Everything else by My4PrincessDesigns

1 Corinthians 13:4-8(first line). Absolutely love this kit, and love those verses. All there is to it. I'm going to print this up and put it on my dresser.
Credit goes to Valerie Foster

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My July Desktop

Freewheeling Alpha by Kristin Aagard
Simply World Art by Dodie V. Sarchet-Waller
Yarn Swirls #3 Summer and Curled Photo Frames by Katie Pertiet
Fabric Papers 14 by Zaza
Eclipse of the Heart Blog Train by Kellie
Memories Kit by S Bartolini

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A present for my husband. :)

I started out wanting to make a page using only Monti's Kit, but then, like always, I had to have those ribbons, and then I wanted to add a little depth to the page - hence the second background and the stitching. And then it just wasn't complete without the journaling. I recolored the notecard and the journaling mat was made from a DS CU Template, with papers from Monti's kit. :) All in all, a great little do to stick in a 4x6 frame and decorate our apartment.

Chocolate Love by Monti
Straight Stitches by Kellie
California Cool by Valerie Foster
BMU_SSEMB_RibbonCurls from ScrapGirls
Layered Tag by Delicious Scraps

Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Layout

I made this one from pictures of my cousin Alexandra. It's super cute! Everything, from the papers to the alpha came from KelliesKreations, a digital scrapbooking freebies site. The only thing I used that was not from her kits came from I am super obsessed with the Ribbon Template that I bought there, and want to use it all the time. :)
Here you go:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking Frenzy!

So, yes. If you look at the Adkins Family Blog over there, you will see that I haven't updated for a while, but the last time I did, I changed the design to scrapbooking-type stuff. I have fallen in love with it.

So I thought I would share a few of my favorite layouts with you guys. :) Links to the main page of all websites listed for creations are at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions as to what specific elements came from what kits, just leave me a comment, and I'll get back to you promptly. :)

This was the second page I ever made. I used a lot of elements from the ScrapGirls Refresh Collection, and some from's huge amount of free kits - mostly by Correen Silke and J Baechtold. The cluster of frames in the upper right is a freebie from I made this layout with the pictures that I had taken in March when I took my wedding ring for a "walk" among the plants and flowers of campus. The photos turned out really well, and while I may re-do this page later (I'll probably make a 4x6 album with 1 pic a page) - I'm happy with it as it stands now.

This is a page that I made for my best friend and her boyfriend. :) Waiting with baited breath for him to propose. This was one of the first layouts I ever did with a layout template, and I'm really happy with how it worked out! The template is from the ScrapGirls Refresh Collection. All papers, elements, and the alpha come from, mostly by Correen Silke, Valerie Foster, and J Baechtold.

This is the cover page of a secret project for my best friend for her birthday. Made with the same template kit as the layout above, ScrapGirls Refresh Collection. I recolored a large portion of a kit by Valerie Foster from to make it fit the page, and the ribbon is from RPenn's Express Yourself Collection from

I made this page for my husband, to cheer him up one day when he was feeling down. I did not use a layout template for this one, as you can see, I'm working on being dynamic with my layouts without templates. It's hard - now that I know they exist, I'm addicted to them! I love the soft colors in this one, and the pictures. This was made almost completely using RPenn's Express Yourself Collection from I also used alphas and embellishments from Correen Silke's kits on

I made this layout after seeing my mother's outfit at my sister's birthday party - imagine my suprise when it matched EXACTLY ScrapGirls Refresh Collection! I was super excited to scrap it - and to use the Bursting template that I had recently bought from Scrapgirls as well. Interesting fact about the background paper: The circle mat on the layout is actually two papers - I deleted the base color on the swirly patterned page, and used Gimp's Value overlay to fade it into the blue paper. :) Designer-style papers made easy!

Two page layout for my dad for father's day. I love him so much, and he has been so supportive throughout my life, I wanted to do something special for him, and I don't have any money, and he loves creative stuff anyway. :) I used a lot of things in this kit, so bear with me while I hit the credits. The sketch for this layout came from I used papers and elements by Valerie Foster, J Baechtold, Correen Silke, and R Dickson, available at I also used bits from a father's day challenge mini kit by Marie, available at

Holy wow, Batman, it's a spread! My husband wrote a poem about our youngest cat, Kaylee Jo, and I scrapped it. This spread was part of a ScrapGirls embellishment challenge - to try and use a lot of them without it looking cluttered. I'm not sure if I love it or not, but it is another of the layouts I made without a template, so I'm including it. :) I used papers and elements by Valerie Foster, J Baechtold, Correen Silke, and R Dickson, available at And, oddly enough, this page only uses their stuff.

I got married around Christmas, so at the beginning of December my family held an Ornament Shower for me, and my grandmother slipped an index card with this quote on it in my gift. I actually made this layout as part of a spread to showcase our engagement pictures, but I don't have them ready for public viewing, so I stuck some other random pictures in there so I could show it off. I really like it. Template is from as well as the black paper, by Jeanette Bollinger. Embellishments are by Amanda Sok, from, and Correen Silke from

This one is of my kittens - Jack and Kaylee. Aren't they precious? I used one of Marie's templates from on the right hand side, and a piece from an Amanda Sok's Tear it Up template from Backgrounds are from, and I used Amanda Sok's Bespoke Emblem's Set, the Little Labels set by Marie of, and Refresh Collection from

That's it for this batch! Hope you enjoy them!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Digital Scrapbooking Wishlist

Things I would like to spend money on, in order to possibly make some in the future:

(Please keep in mind: if you are looking at items on this list - they are expensive, but that is because I am paying not just for the product, but also for a liscense to use these particular products in commercial ventures. So, they're actually pretty cheap.)

Alpha Templates:
Theme Park
Varsity Letters
Le Jardin

Embellishment Templates:
Ribbon Curls Biggie
Sequins N'Things
In Bloom (4)

Plain Paper Templates:
Textures 10405

Patterned Paper Templates:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Place

Well, I'm sure you've all been keeping the crickets company over the past week while you wait for some kind of update - there haven't been a lot.

Or, you know, any.

The simple explanation for the lack of updates is that we don't have internet at our apartment yet. There was a series of snafus with Time Warner, and we chose to end our service with them. At some point this summer, we will be contacting Windstream, and getting service started up with them - but I'm not sure when it will be.

But, for now, apartment update: Nathan and I got moved (finally). It was a lot more expensive than we expected and it was a lot more hassle than I ever want to go through again. I thought moving was annoying but okay when I was doing it four or five times a year from home-school, school-school, school-home, etc... I absolutely can't stand it when my furniture comes with me. Nathan and I are in total agreement on this point - we are not moving again until we can pay someone to move it all around for us.

I don't have pictures to show you (our non-existant readers) yet - because we are still in the process of unpacking. But as soon as the boxes go away - as I am confident they will, soon - I will make sure we get some online.

For the rest of this week, though, I'm going to be visiting family, and making memories with them. So, I'll check back in with the blog later, when I have more things to put in it. :D

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Layout & News

Well, I hadn't done anything with this blog in ages, so I posted some kitten pictures (put them up for the same date they went up on my personal blog) and updated the layout.

Many thanks to Holly Kravetz over at Seth and Holly for finding Shabby Blogs. I love their stuff! It makes making a blog pretty so much easier.

So, not a lot of news on the family front. School is over (and thank goodness) and with it is my job. I'm currently looking for some positions around town, keeping my ear to the ground and all that, just waiting for the right one to come along. Nathan is waiting on pins and needles for Dollar General training to start. Any day would be great, guys! In the meantime, he's setting up a website at You should check it out if you have a moment. I'll have him post details about it later though. ;)

Keep your eyes peeled for the news and pictures - we've put a deposit in for a new apartment, and we're just waiting for the guy who is in there now to move out. It's a basement apartment, two bedrooms, 1 bath, nice sized (and separate) kitchen and living room, and comes with a washer and dryer! I'll be so excited to not have to go to the laundrymat anymore!

I'll update again as soon as we have unpacked a couple boxes, but I don't know if there will be much news until then.

Kaylee Fantastico Adkins

Well, you've seen the cutest cat ever (that would be Jack Bauer, pictures below). Now meet his little sister, Kaylee Fantastico!

I would have more pictures, but she crawled under our LP cabinet to take a nap. She's really annoyed that Jack keeps trying to smell her butt. :P

New Kitten

So I will admit to having had some doubts as to whether or not Kaylee and Jack would co-exist well. At least, in the early days.
Boy was I wrong. Yeah, there was some hissing and growling for a couple of hours. Jack was not happy. There was a THING in HIS bathroom. And it looked like the THING that guards the fishes in the glass of the cabinet. And he was not having it.
But then he got close enough to smell her.
Jack is a cat that loves smells. And he loves smelling girl cats. When I come home from visiting a friend with girl kittens, he loves on me like there is no tomorrow. He just can't wait to rub up on my arms, lick my hands, and sit in my lap.
And after he got a smell of her, Jack was a changed cat. He wandered around with her butt in his face for hours, trying to figure out who she was.
Kaylee, for her part, is a girl with some Moxy. She huddled in a corner for about an hour, then got adventurous and played with one of her bell-balls. That was the sound that first alerted Jack to the fact that there was a living critter in that bathroom. And then, she just kept finding high ground to view him from. At one point, they were playing with each other's paws underneath the bathroom door. And once Kaylee realized that he wasn't going to eat her, she started exploring.
Jack gained a healthy respect for her size, and claws, and she realized that this huge cat was friendly, and still a baby himself, and nothing to be scared of.
And now they're chasing each other all over the apartment. :)
Sometimes Jack gets a little overzealous - and when he does, Kaylee squeaks, and he backs off. I've never seen anything like it. He gives her this inquisitive purr/meow, and like he's saying "Oops, did I do that?" and then goes to sit down somewhere until Kaylee starts playing again. And Jack doesn't play with his toys anymore - he watches Kaylee play with them, and then plays with her.
It's like when an child finally gets a baby sibling.
It's adorable.
I love my kittens.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kaylee Fantastico

Well, you've seen the cutest cat ever (that would be Jack Bauer, pictures below). Now meet his little sister, Kaylee Fantastico!

I would have more pictures, but she crawled under our LP cabinet to take a nap. She's really annoyed that Jack keeps trying to smell her butt. :P

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

World of Warcraft

has eaten me. Literally.

LOL I do, like, nothing else online anymore. I have a decent offline life still, but I spend all my time playing as either a pixelized gnome or a pixelized tauren.

Tina Void (Tinyvoid) is a warlock, formerly of Gnomergon, whose home residence now lies in Dalaran. She and her husband, Gervais, managed to escape the great city when the gnomes lost it to Mekgineer Thermaplugg's betrayal.

Tina, convinced that Gervais, who had been studying with the great Mekgineer, had had some part in the destruction of their home, left him, and her home country behind, fleeing to the north. It was there that the Master Jewelcrafter met with the wizards of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. She took up the study of arcane magic for a short time, but found it an unsuitable companion for her need to avenge her fallen home city, and found herself falling in with the fel-based magic of the warlocks in the underbelly of the city.

Her training, feeding her rage and her need for revenge, was finally completed, and she returned to Dun Morogh, intent on delivering Gnomergon from the hands of the troggs. It was at this point that she discovered Gervais, on a mission of a very similar nature. The two became wary allies again, and have spent countless hours attempting to eliminate the troggs and the traitorous Thermaplugg.

Over the course of their adventures, Tiny learned the truth about Gervais' involvement with the destruction of their home city, which was none. After some time ,the two reconciled, and now live together in Dalaran, and have turned their attention from their ruined homeland to the frozen reaches of Northrend, and the destruction of the Lich King.

Nettlebloom Winterhoof, of Thunder Bluff, is a druid of great promise. From the inauspicious beginning of her father's death and her mother leaving her with tribesmen in Mulgore so she could adventure the rest of the world, Nettie (as she prefers to be called) has risen in esteem with the druids of Thunder Bluff and Moonglade, becoming quite a force of her own.

For Nettie, the world is a large, beautiful, deadly, spiritual place, filled with many races and many kinds of wisdom. While of course she reveres the great Earthmother, she believes that there is much to learn from the other races of Azeroth - both of the Horde and of the Alliance. She is particularly enthralled by the Night Elves' goddess Elune - seeing many parallels between that deity and the Earthmother.

Nettie was, of course, very glad to see her mother, Namirah, when she returned just after Nettie finished the Rites of the Earthmother. Their reunion had every possibility of being completely awkward, but the two have bonded well since Nami's return. After meeting her mother again, Nettie set out on an adventure of her own - attempting to collect and compile information from the other races of the Horde, that may someday be useful to the Tauren. Nettie has reservations about the closed-mindedness of some of her tribesmen, but hopes to find a way to convince the ever proud race that there is much to learn from the other races of Azeroth. She is currently concerned with the Bloodthistle of the Eversong Woods.

Over the course of her exploration, Nettie has joined forces with some of her Azerothian brethren in an organization called The Hand of the Flights. it's leader, Ranokal, was charged by Alexstraza, the great Aspect of Life, with protecting the interests of the dragon flights in Azeroth. Their immediate mission is to investigate and, ultimately, destroy the Lich King, whose scourge are causing such distress and decay to the land. Nettie, a healer, who searches for balance in all things, found herself immediately drawn to the idea of a world without the Scourge.

In accordance with her officer position within the Hand, Nettie found herself seeking out a Tauren who she had met, briefly, though an old friend named Palehoof. Eliath Stonecrusher is a Tauren Shaman, known for being a Spirit Walker - a being capable of sending aspects of his spirit to different locations than his physical self to complete various tasks: herb gathering, secret meetings, and surveillance being three that come immediately to mind.

What is soon to come in Nettie's story? I could tell you, but that would ruin the suspense...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hubby's Mountain Man Beard

LOL. I asked him to grow it out because I hadn't ever seen him with a beard before.

I think he's super adorable. Of course, being that I married him, I should.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jack Bauer

So yes, this is a picspam of the most adorable cat in the universe, Jack Bauer. He is a six month old gray tabby that my husband and I adopted about a month ago. He is impeccably clean, all the time, and spoiled rotten. He's also learned what it means when Mommy gets the camera out - and has started posing for us.
And yes, that is a photo shoot towards the end. He was being cute. I couldn't NOT take the pictures.

And yes, in that last one, I think he was mentally telling me where I could stuff the camera. :P