Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A present for my husband. :)

I started out wanting to make a page using only Monti's Kit, but then, like always, I had to have those ribbons, and then I wanted to add a little depth to the page - hence the second background and the stitching. And then it just wasn't complete without the journaling. I recolored the notecard and the journaling mat was made from a DS CU Template, with papers from Monti's kit. :) All in all, a great little do to stick in a 4x6 frame and decorate our apartment.

Chocolate Love by Monti
Straight Stitches by Kellie
California Cool by Valerie Foster
BMU_SSEMB_RibbonCurls from ScrapGirls
Layered Tag by Delicious Scraps

Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Layout

I made this one from pictures of my cousin Alexandra. It's super cute! Everything, from the papers to the alpha came from KelliesKreations, a digital scrapbooking freebies site. The only thing I used that was not from her kits came from I am super obsessed with the Ribbon Template that I bought there, and want to use it all the time. :)
Here you go:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking Frenzy!

So, yes. If you look at the Adkins Family Blog over there, you will see that I haven't updated for a while, but the last time I did, I changed the design to scrapbooking-type stuff. I have fallen in love with it.

So I thought I would share a few of my favorite layouts with you guys. :) Links to the main page of all websites listed for creations are at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions as to what specific elements came from what kits, just leave me a comment, and I'll get back to you promptly. :)

This was the second page I ever made. I used a lot of elements from the ScrapGirls Refresh Collection, and some from's huge amount of free kits - mostly by Correen Silke and J Baechtold. The cluster of frames in the upper right is a freebie from I made this layout with the pictures that I had taken in March when I took my wedding ring for a "walk" among the plants and flowers of campus. The photos turned out really well, and while I may re-do this page later (I'll probably make a 4x6 album with 1 pic a page) - I'm happy with it as it stands now.

This is a page that I made for my best friend and her boyfriend. :) Waiting with baited breath for him to propose. This was one of the first layouts I ever did with a layout template, and I'm really happy with how it worked out! The template is from the ScrapGirls Refresh Collection. All papers, elements, and the alpha come from, mostly by Correen Silke, Valerie Foster, and J Baechtold.

This is the cover page of a secret project for my best friend for her birthday. Made with the same template kit as the layout above, ScrapGirls Refresh Collection. I recolored a large portion of a kit by Valerie Foster from to make it fit the page, and the ribbon is from RPenn's Express Yourself Collection from

I made this page for my husband, to cheer him up one day when he was feeling down. I did not use a layout template for this one, as you can see, I'm working on being dynamic with my layouts without templates. It's hard - now that I know they exist, I'm addicted to them! I love the soft colors in this one, and the pictures. This was made almost completely using RPenn's Express Yourself Collection from I also used alphas and embellishments from Correen Silke's kits on

I made this layout after seeing my mother's outfit at my sister's birthday party - imagine my suprise when it matched EXACTLY ScrapGirls Refresh Collection! I was super excited to scrap it - and to use the Bursting template that I had recently bought from Scrapgirls as well. Interesting fact about the background paper: The circle mat on the layout is actually two papers - I deleted the base color on the swirly patterned page, and used Gimp's Value overlay to fade it into the blue paper. :) Designer-style papers made easy!

Two page layout for my dad for father's day. I love him so much, and he has been so supportive throughout my life, I wanted to do something special for him, and I don't have any money, and he loves creative stuff anyway. :) I used a lot of things in this kit, so bear with me while I hit the credits. The sketch for this layout came from I used papers and elements by Valerie Foster, J Baechtold, Correen Silke, and R Dickson, available at I also used bits from a father's day challenge mini kit by Marie, available at

Holy wow, Batman, it's a spread! My husband wrote a poem about our youngest cat, Kaylee Jo, and I scrapped it. This spread was part of a ScrapGirls embellishment challenge - to try and use a lot of them without it looking cluttered. I'm not sure if I love it or not, but it is another of the layouts I made without a template, so I'm including it. :) I used papers and elements by Valerie Foster, J Baechtold, Correen Silke, and R Dickson, available at And, oddly enough, this page only uses their stuff.

I got married around Christmas, so at the beginning of December my family held an Ornament Shower for me, and my grandmother slipped an index card with this quote on it in my gift. I actually made this layout as part of a spread to showcase our engagement pictures, but I don't have them ready for public viewing, so I stuck some other random pictures in there so I could show it off. I really like it. Template is from as well as the black paper, by Jeanette Bollinger. Embellishments are by Amanda Sok, from, and Correen Silke from

This one is of my kittens - Jack and Kaylee. Aren't they precious? I used one of Marie's templates from on the right hand side, and a piece from an Amanda Sok's Tear it Up template from Backgrounds are from, and I used Amanda Sok's Bespoke Emblem's Set, the Little Labels set by Marie of, and Refresh Collection from

That's it for this batch! Hope you enjoy them!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Digital Scrapbooking Wishlist

Things I would like to spend money on, in order to possibly make some in the future:

(Please keep in mind: if you are looking at items on this list - they are expensive, but that is because I am paying not just for the product, but also for a liscense to use these particular products in commercial ventures. So, they're actually pretty cheap.)

Alpha Templates:
Theme Park
Varsity Letters
Le Jardin

Embellishment Templates:
Ribbon Curls Biggie
Sequins N'Things
In Bloom (4)

Plain Paper Templates:
Textures 10405

Patterned Paper Templates:

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Place

Well, I'm sure you've all been keeping the crickets company over the past week while you wait for some kind of update - there haven't been a lot.

Or, you know, any.

The simple explanation for the lack of updates is that we don't have internet at our apartment yet. There was a series of snafus with Time Warner, and we chose to end our service with them. At some point this summer, we will be contacting Windstream, and getting service started up with them - but I'm not sure when it will be.

But, for now, apartment update: Nathan and I got moved (finally). It was a lot more expensive than we expected and it was a lot more hassle than I ever want to go through again. I thought moving was annoying but okay when I was doing it four or five times a year from home-school, school-school, school-home, etc... I absolutely can't stand it when my furniture comes with me. Nathan and I are in total agreement on this point - we are not moving again until we can pay someone to move it all around for us.

I don't have pictures to show you (our non-existant readers) yet - because we are still in the process of unpacking. But as soon as the boxes go away - as I am confident they will, soon - I will make sure we get some online.

For the rest of this week, though, I'm going to be visiting family, and making memories with them. So, I'll check back in with the blog later, when I have more things to put in it. :D