Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Wedding Pictures

I have a ton more - and I don't know why these are so oddly sized - but I'll replace them someday when my computer is at home and actually hooked up to the external hard drive. For now, several pictures from my temple marriage and then from the ring ceremony.

Nathan with his mother and his aunt, and myself with my mother and father.

Me with my best friend Deanna and her boyfriend Adam.

My sister and I, taken with someone's camera phone I believe.

Nathan and I at the temple.

My cousin Emily at the guestbook, and my cousin Alexandra, who was our flower girl.

Nathan, tying his tie before the ring ceremony. Also, his niece Savannah, who was his "Best Girl" getting put together before the ceremony.

Myself and my grandmother (Nannie) before the ring ceremony. She's wearing UK blue because I had the bad taste to plan my ring ceremony on the day of a UK game. :P Also myself and my Aunt Virginia, for whom I am named.

Our beautiful cake, made by Tony Douthett - who made my mother's wedding cake. Also, the flower girl's basket and petals.

My family again (plus the brand new Hubby), and all of my bridesmaids.

Nathan and I with my cousin Alexandra, who was our flower girl.
Nathan and I. The first one was on the church balcony, so we could have an outside shot. I love that there was snow! The second was inside, with Adam's harp - gorgeous shot!

More vanity shots - Alexandra looking adorable and myself, doing what the photographer told me to.

More gorgeous pictures - hands on the piano, and our rings in the page crease of a bible.

Some decorations from the cake table, and our card box, from the wedding present table. It's hard to believe that mom spent hours putting that together, and it was just thrown away after the wedding - but what would I have ever used it for after that?

And a very small picture of the wedding party - from left to right: Susannah, Jo, Caitlin, Deanna, Alexandra, Myself, Nathan, Savannah, Adam, and Sara.

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