Friday, April 2, 2010

ASL Videos from Last Year

Just thought I would stick these in here as a space filler. They aren't very good - and neither am I at ASL currently - but I'm working on it, and it's something I enjoy. And I'm going to stop apologizing for my interest now and just post the vids. XD

From my ASL 201 class - the only one that semester that I had to put online.
Summary: In the final of a very large math class, the teacher hands out the test and tells the students they have two hours to finish the test. No more. Some students finish early, a few right at time. As the teacher is gathering up his things, he notices that one student is still working on their test. Astonished, the teacher waits, and then waits longer. When the student finally turns in his test, the teacher asks him if he knows he went longer than the two hour period. the student says yes. The teacher then asks for the student's name. The student, realizing that he has not been identified, looks at the teacher, and at the stack of tests, and quickly lifts up part of the pile, depositing his test in the middle of it. He then leaves the room. The teacher is flabbergasted. The end.

From my ASL 201 Class, the last storytelling of the semester.
Summary: A husband tells his wife that she should go to the bank, and take out $100 for them to use later. She does so, and when she gets home, she hides it, so that they won't accidentally spend it. Later, her husband asks her for the money, but she has forgotten where she put it! Thus follows a great search of their house, and all of the hiding places they can think of. She finally finds it stuck into the back of a picture frame in her bedroom. Her husband tells her that she picked a lousy hiding spot. She thinks he is crazy.

Second video from my ASL 102 class. My hands aren't visible some of the time. Sorry for that. I'm too lazy to redo it.
SUMMARY: After the boy stuck the gum on the bench and went home, a man sat on the bench to read a book. When he was ready to get up, he found the gum sticking to his pants. In disgust, he removed it and threw it on the sidew2alk. A woman walked by and stepped on it. She removed it from her shoe and flung it at a tree where it stuck. Later, two young lovers came along and stopped under the tree. The girl leaned against the tress and the boy rested his hand against the trunk as he talked to her. Upon leaving, he pulled his hand away only to find it stuck to the gum. He pitched the gum onto the bench. Finally, the boy returned to find the gum in the same place he had left it. He popped it into his mouth and started blowing bubbles again. (EW!)

My first ASL video ever, for my 102 class. I was still working out how this being videotaped thing worked at this point.
SUMMARY: A man went to the airport and stood in line to buy his ticket. When he got to the ticket counter he found out that his flight had been delayed. He decided to buy a newspaper, a candy bar, and a cup of coffee. He found a seat, made himself comfortable, and started reading the newspaper. He soon noticed the man sitting next to him take a bite of the candy bar. He was astonished, gave him a dirty look, and then took a bit of the candy bar himself. The other man had the same reaction and popped the rest of the candy into his mouth. The first man was really furious, but just then, he heard it was time to board the plane. He got on the plane and sat down. After the plane took off, he reached into his back pocket to get a comb, and instead pulled out the candy bar that he had bought.

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