Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fashion Day

Hello, all. :) I know I haven't been around here in.... a very long time. Since I'm currently gathering supplies for several projects that I'm really excited to start on, and I have resolved that I need to blog more often, I thought I would post a few fun things that I have done in the past to give you (my non-existant readers) a basic idea of the many facets of my personal style. :)

P.S. I am absolutely in love with the website Polyvore (and I have been for YEARS now) so when I'm on a fashion kick, I tend to go there, rather than retail websites. Dunno why. /shrug.

Okay, so, I don't own any of these things. And that is sad for me. But I love pearls. I love knitted things. I love trainers. I love blue jeans. And I ESPECIALLY love the color green! So, this set, pretty much sums up that part of my fashion personality. As far as the quote... It's from a stamp set. I thought it was cute, and sarcastic. And that day, I was feeling both of those things.

I like jewel tones mixed together. And this outfit is a jewel tone masterpiece. (Also, did you notice the jeans in this one too? Yeah!!) Those shoes, by the way, look so freaking comfortable and super cute.
And I have a dream, that one day I will have a hair band ball like the one in this set. That is all.

I also love the pairing of grey-blue and brown. Mhmmmm.... It reminds me of candy for some reason. So yummy. And soft. And warm. I stuck this in here just to prove to you that I am capable of coveting things that are not blue jeans. :D

Another dressy one. Pink is okay, in moderation. I don't like a lot of it at once, but maybe 50/50 in one outfit is okay. Plus, I love that skirt. And those shoes, with their little bitty heels. Pretty. The headband and the scarf - perfect! I really wish I owned this one.

Anyway, there is a small glimpse at me, and my idea of what's cool. There will be more, you know, as time passes. And, of course, you will get to see my style through some of the crafty projects. I'm really excited about what I'm planning for the next few months, and for getting the baby's room ready, and planning/implementing things for my best friend's wedding, wedding shower, and bachelorette party. In addition to planning programming things, and a formal ball, and whatever else Caitlin needs me to do for this year's Matsuricon. :)

Hopefully, I will be chock full of things to blog about as this year goes on! I can't wait to get started!

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