Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am participating in a scrap-a-thon this spring called the Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race. :) There are well over 130 teams competing, of two scrappers apiece, and we're all cranking out two layouts (apiece) a week, over the course of seven weeks. At the end, each participant should have 15 theme-coordinating scrapbook pages (this year's theme is 'Family') that they can put towards finishing an actual album!
Each team that successfully completes all 15 challenges will be entered in a drawing to win the Grand Prize (which hasn't been announced yet), and each team member gets rewarded with exclusive scrapbooking freebies as they complete challenges. :)

I have so far completed 3 of the 4 challenges that must be turned in by Midnight EST on Sunday (the 4th challenge is a team challenge, for which I provided the pictures/journaling and my partner Chris is going to determine the color scheme/design the actual layout, etc.) And I thought I'd give you a look at them.

I do intend to expand upon these themes/challenges, and create more pages that I do want to eventually print and put in an actual, hold-in-your-hands album, to chronicle my family as it is now. Because we all know in the near future it's going to go through a really big change. :)

Challenge 1: 6 Facts About Your Family

Credits: Kits: Genuine by Jennifer Reed, Festival and Happy Go Lucky by Shabby Princess, Alpha: Freewheeling by K. Aaragard, Papers: Distressed Solids by Crystal W., Template: Template 53 by MandaGirl
(I actually did 10 facts, instead of 6 - but that was allowed in the rules)

Challenge 2: Someone Who Inspires You

Credits: Kit: Genuine by Jennifer Reed, Alpha: Freewheeling by K. Aaragard, Font: Segoe Print (PSE7/Win7 Standard)

Challenge 3: What Your Family Does With Their Free Time

Credits: Alpha: Freewheeling by K. Aaragard
All other elements/papers present in this LO were designed by me using Photoshop custom shapes and photographic textures.

Keep your eyes open for more, as the competition progresses!

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