Monday, October 5, 2009

The Big News

After much conversation, gaining of advice from adults in our lives, consideration of said advice, and (most importantly) prayer, Nathan and I have decided to get married.
Those of you who know us will not find this idea very shocking - we've been moving toward this almost since our first date. :) What may be news to many of you is that we have decided to be sealed at the Louisville Kentucky Temple, over Christmas break. No date has been officially announced yet, because we are waiting to meet with the bishop, get my reccommend updated, and set dates with the temple for the endowment and sealing ceremonies, but we are fairly sure that it will be during the four weeks of EKU's christmas break.
There is not much to say about the proposal - it wasn't a surprise for either of us and we decided against buying an engagement ring, because of expense. The conversation has been had so many times over the past few weeks that I'm fairly certain he said "I'm going to marry you." And I said "Good, because I'm going to marry you."
...Here I invite you to laugh at our oddity. If you aren't used to it now, you will be, the more time you spend around us. (I make no promises that we are funnier in person.)
For the moment, we are using my CTR ring to hold the place of an engagement ring, as a nod to the traditionalists in our families who would want us to have one. And, I won't skirt truths here, I came very close to tearing up when he slipped it from my right hand to my left. It was a cool thing - and it's a very awesome thing, to look at Nathan and know that I will be with him forever.
Anyway, news hasn't officially been broken yet, so NO TELLING until we get to talk to the parents. *stern face*

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