Monday, October 12, 2009

Ring Ceremony Date Finalized & Other News

Last Sunday, Nathan and I set the date officially for the ring ceremony - it's going to be on January 2nd, around 12:30 PM, in the cultural hall of the Richmond Ward building. More information about the ring ceremony will be forthcoming as we finalize things.

Our colors are spring green, pastel pink, and chocolate brown. :) (I realize that the brown doesn't show up well on this background, sorry.) In no way do I want this to be mistaken for a Christmas wedding, since the sealing will probably happen beforehand and the ring ceremony is definitely after New Years. Hence the spring colors (that were my picks the whole time - but Nathan was in favor of them too, and that solidified the decision).

Also today, Nathan found out that there is a full-time position open at Best Buy where he works, in Appliances. Right now he is working part-time in Computers, and his boss told him that he knew that he would be looking for full-time work and benefits since he was getting married, so he should put his name in for appliances. There's also been talk about a job opening up on Best Buy's Geek Squad - which will be a bump in pay, full time, and work that Nathan really wants to be doing - in the next few months. So it's entirely possible that he will be able to move over there when that opens up. We are super excited about this development, because benefits mean insurance, which we will be in sore need of. Also, Nathan will have a job that is pretty sure to outlast all but the worst recessions - people will pretty much always need appliances. :)

My parents surprised me by jumping in with plans and offers for help with the ring ceremony. Mom called me from Lexington Saturday afternoon to ask me to come up and help her pick fabric for my wedding dress, and we ended up picking out patterns and fabric for my dress, my bridesmaid's dresses, and the flower girl's dress. My cousin Alexandra, who is adorable, has agreed to be the flower girl, and she is so very excited about it.

Mom and I started work on my wedding dress today, and it's going to be gorgeous. The dress itself is strapless, tea length, and princess cut, but the pattern included instructions for a very elegant looking jacket as well, and we're going to make it out of the same material. I would post pictures, but Nathan isn't allowed to see it until the day of the temple sealing, so... No pictures for you!

At least not for now...

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