Monday, February 7, 2011

My Dream Bedroom

Okay, so begins my dream bedroom. Keep in mind here, that I'm dreaming. Price doesn't really figure into this, neither does general live-ability.
This is the bed I would like to have. Ignore the bedding, it is not important. What is important is the color (espresso) of the wood and the fact that there are sturdy storage drawers underneath. Hello, out of season clothing!
Again, I know that this bed would be trouble to get in/out of (bumped shins and whatnot) and that keeping it made just perfect would be a crazy hassle that I don't need.
And this... this will be what Nathan and I have instead of the nightstands that are pictured above. As cool as it looks, I just can't get behind open front storage - I want to use my nightstand to hold stuff, dude! And the holy grail of furniture buying, the Ultimate Truth that everyone eventually learns, is this: If it is not both beautiful and functional, it has no place in your house. /shrug
That is the end of that. And this is one beautiful nightstand. :)
This lamp does too serve two purposes! It is beautiful, and it gives me light to read by at night! See? I knew you would understand. All is forgiven.
And these, um, they serve a purpose as well... They, well, they... Oh! They will hold my glasses - and also possibly act as a candy dish to hold peppermints or tootsie rolls or something. Yeah! :D
Thought you had me there for a minute, didn't you?
This is the bedding I would love to have. Aren't teal and brown together just luscious? Let me tell you, looking at this bedding, and thinking about the bed frame I showed you earlier, I'm seriously considering making this bed, and then having Nathan and myself sleep under other covers, on top of it, so that it always looks pretty. That's so much better than having to make a bed every morning, right?

I'm still deciding on chairs/rugs/dressers/wall art, etc. And of course, Nathan has a say in everything too (mostly: "Yes dear, if you like it it's fine with me...") so none of this is final. But it's what I would love to have if I could just have nice things. /sigh

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