Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sick and Lazy Day w/Cats

I am sick. Ew, gross, right. Blah. The picture is kind of washed out (I am not that pale) but I would look bad even if it wasn't - my nose is pink and chapped from days of blowing and blowing and blowing into kleenex. Also, my lips are chapped because I can't manage to keep tabs on a tube of lip balm and I've gone 24 hours without any twice in the past week. My eyes look so weird because my glasses need to be tightened and because my sinuses are so tender that it hurts a little to open my eyes all the way.

I haven't taken anything for the sinuses yet - this started getting annoying late Thursday night, and didn't get really bad until Friday evening, after my dr's office had closed. I'm calling first thing tomorrow morning, to find out what is okay to take and what is not.

I'm not going to show you a picture of this area to prove it (and you should be greatful) but I've also been experiencing spikes of excruciating frontal pelvic pain in the last 36 hours. After doing some looking up online, I'm pretty confused. Apparently, if it doesn't last a long time, it's a normal pregnancy pain, and nothing to worry about - though you should mention it to your practitioner. It looks like if the pain is frequent, and lasts longer than a few weeks, it could be something serious called symphysis pubis dysfunction, and you should definitely consult your doctor (though not all doctors actually accept this as a valid diagnosis, insisting that some pregnancies just hurt more than others)... Since I'm seeing my Dr. on Thusday, I will make sure to have this conversation with her - and get her opinions on the validity of SPD as an actual medical condition. I also plan to have a long discussion with her about the hospital's (and her personal) policies on birthing positions, epidurals, and breastfeeding. We might even sketch out some kind of 'birth plan' while we're there.

Nathan and I are planning on attending a birthing class at Central Baptist in April (they ask that you wait until Month 8 anyway), and I plan on waiting to pack my hospital bag until the beginning of March, as long as everything is progressing normally at this dr. visit - which will also be the one where they tell me whether or not I have Gestational Diabetes, I'm pretty sure. I'm not worried about that one, though, as I have none of the precipitating symptoms except being overweight.

So, in the mean time, I'm taking it easy (yesterday Nathan and I were out and about, I'll blog about that on Monday or Tuesday), and since I was too tender and stuffy to go to church this morning (or to the other service at 11:30 - which was almost exactly when I finally crawled out of bed to get under a hot shower) we've had a pretty lazy day at the house. Nathan finally got to see first-hand how our kittens like to spend the day - and even got to be involved with their activities a little!
Yup, you guessed it. Jack and Kaylee's favorite pastime is napping in the sunlight. Wasn't Daddy lucky that the sun just happened to fall in his lap today? He certainly looks pleased about it. :)

We'll keep you all updated as things happen - blog at 'ya later!

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