Sunday, February 6, 2011

Travel Week

With the departure of in-store rush comes my travelling season. This year, instead of starting small and working my way out further, I will be starting as far as I anticipate travelling with this job: Arkansas. I will be leaving early tomorrow morning, making a few stops, and arriving in Little Rock sometime in the late evening (if all goes according to plan).

I find myself nervous about this trip. I will be meeting the biggest of big cheeses in my company and working with him for at least a day, possibly two. A lot of people who were just voices on the end of the phone and text on the IM screen will become real people with faces. Plus, you know, a 10-hour drive. That should be fun.

On the plus side, Chris (my boss) has given me a pretty good list of places to eat for various locations in Arkansas. If you don't see me by next week, it's because I ate too much and got stuck. I'll also try to take some pictures while I'm down there. Keep an eye on my Facebook feed to see my poor attempt at photography. And speaking of, Virginia says she'll be adding pictures to this post later, so you can see me packing and leaving. That's something to look forward to.

He looks a little more optimistic this morning, doesn't he? You might not be able to tell, but I took the 3rd picture because he was waving at me from inside the car.

Have a great trip, Nathan! :) Can't wait to see the sights in Arkansas from your camera! Love!

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