Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slow going...

Well, this is a new one for me. As some of you know, Nathan got mea bamboo tablet for Christmas. Which is great, and it's an interesting toy. But wow is it difficult to work with. Talk about a steep learning curve! So I have decided that until I am more comfortable with it, I am going to force myself to use it constantly. Makes sense, right? If I use it all the time, then I will become familiar with it much more quickly. And once I'm familiar, using it won't be nearly so frustrating.

That's the thought, anyway.

All this writing so far has been from my tablet, with the pen, and I've only had 1 spelling error. I think that is pretty impressive.

Anyway, news: Nathan and I got a great tip from his sister about a sale running at Kroger, and some coupons we could print off the internet that would let us stock up on pasta for literally NOTHING! Between the store sale & the coupons we got 12 boxes of pasta (spaghetti, linguini, rotini, and penne) for free! We ended up saving about $31 off our grocery bill today, all told. I'm very proud of us.

Then, later we went to JCPennys, to get a new shirt for Nathan so he can impress the bigwigs in Arkansas next week. Oh, yeah, did I mention, Nathan's going BACK to Arkansas? TOMORROW AFTER CHURCH?


But, fortunately, this is going to be his last trip away from home for quite a while. Why is that, you ask? Because his boss' boss decided to green light Nathan's cell phone store! :D This is big news! We were not expecting it nearly so soon, with his only having been promoted asst. manager in November of last year, but apparently everyone all the way up to the company VP is super impressed with him, so off he goes for training.

I'll ask him to update the blog at least once while he's gone. It's the least he can do, leaving me here all by my lonesome for ANOTHER WHOLE WEEK. (S'not, you know, like I don't have 5 scrapbooking forums, a facebook, designing, new toys, my cats, opera rehearsal, and such to distract me.... Nah!)

Anyway... We went to JCPennys with a gift card he got for Christmas to buy a new shirt for him to take down, and they were having a really nice sale (spend $25, save $10). So we ended up with two shirts that were labeled as clearance ($37 total), they took $10 off, and then we used his $20 gift card - so we only spent $7 and change on two really nice shirts. As we finished, the cashier told us we had saved $65 (!!!) off the original price of the shirts. HOLY CRAP! I'm so excited about that.

Aaaanyway, it's late, and I need to play with the Singing Time schedule before I go to bed tonight. Have to get April together for the pianist and such. BUT, I do have more good news, before I sign off - I'll be giving my first Digi Scrapping lesson tomorrow after church, to one of my friends from High School. :)

I'm super excited about getting to show her my hobby, and I hope she finds it as fun as I do. I'll report back with news at some point next week about how it went!

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