Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hello, world!

Well, it's that time, I suppose. Life changes, things happen. I seem to have outgrown my Livejournal, and my fiance recommended that I check out blogger when looking for a new tool to getting the word out about whatever it is I decided to write about today.

So, today, I decided to write about how I came to have a new blog. I'll let you chew over this while I try to think of some kind of content update for whenever I next decide I need to share my thoughts with the greater digital community.

With this, I close.

To quote from the book of Virginia:

"And she clicketh her mouse, saying: Let there be webspace. And so it was. And she saw that it was good.
And she tappeth her keys, saying: Let there be text. And so it was. And she saw that it was moderately okay - and probably not at all as funny as it was in her head.
And thus endeth the first day of blogging."

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