Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So, I think it says something about this blog that I had to click through Nathan's personal blog to get back to it.

Or maybe it just says something about me and my inability to update things like this.

Either way, it's been almost two months since either of us has updated, and as you can see from the handy little countdown clock that Nathan has installed in the sidebar - we're getting awfully close to the big day! Things are going as smoothly as I suppose they can in times like these - we're all working really hard at Real Life things in addition to the wedding, Nathan's got his job at Amazon that keeps him really busy, and my focus is mostly on finals. And, of course, a little on the awesome man that I have decided to spend the rest of eternity with. :D

In case you haven't heard, there's been a change of location for the ring ceremony. It was going to be held in the Richmond Ward cultural hall, but for various reasons we have decided to move it to the Owingsville Ward cultural hall, in Owingsville, KY. It's not hard to get to at all - if you have questions, look on the fb group OR just email - as that is where you should send RSVP's to anyway. :D When you RSVP, please remember to tell us how many guests you will be bringing, so that we have an approxdimate number to know how many chairs we will need and how much food to prepare!

Also: Remember that the ring ceremony and reception are on the 2nd of January. The countdown on the sidebar points to the temple sealing, which will occur on December 22nd, and is when Nathan and I will officially be husband and wife. :D

I will post again sometime this weekend with more details, especially since we're almost done with the wedding dress AND mom says that there is a big box (or two) waiting at Nannie's from Macy's for us to open! (Which means it must be something off the registry! We've also been told that it is perfectly acceptable to open gifts early and send thank you cards as they arrive. :D

Can't wait to see what's in them!

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