Saturday, May 8, 2010

Frustration - Another Poem

I wrote it in 2004. I published it online in 2007. I just keep pulling it out when I am in a position where I am overwhelmed and frustrated.

I wish I had the words in me
To put on paper
The silly, happy kind of hope I feel
When you look at me

I hate that I can't phrase
My thoughts correctly
When my cheeks flush because of you
And I can't meet your deep eyes

I want to verbalize to you
The chronic shivers
I get when you speak aloud
And when you are watching me

In passing thought I want to scream
The annoyance that you
Bring onto me, more often than I thought true
When you catch me with a blank eye

I wish that I could wet your cheek for once
Instead of mine
With tears I've cried when you pass over me
With that apathetic smile

What I can't decide if or not
I want to affect you with
Is this quiet, creeping, pulsing despair
That I feel when you are gone

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