Tuesday, May 18, 2010

World of Warcraft

has eaten me. Literally.

LOL I do, like, nothing else online anymore. I have a decent offline life still, but I spend all my time playing as either a pixelized gnome or a pixelized tauren.

Tina Void (Tinyvoid) is a warlock, formerly of Gnomergon, whose home residence now lies in Dalaran. She and her husband, Gervais, managed to escape the great city when the gnomes lost it to Mekgineer Thermaplugg's betrayal.

Tina, convinced that Gervais, who had been studying with the great Mekgineer, had had some part in the destruction of their home, left him, and her home country behind, fleeing to the north. It was there that the Master Jewelcrafter met with the wizards of the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. She took up the study of arcane magic for a short time, but found it an unsuitable companion for her need to avenge her fallen home city, and found herself falling in with the fel-based magic of the warlocks in the underbelly of the city.

Her training, feeding her rage and her need for revenge, was finally completed, and she returned to Dun Morogh, intent on delivering Gnomergon from the hands of the troggs. It was at this point that she discovered Gervais, on a mission of a very similar nature. The two became wary allies again, and have spent countless hours attempting to eliminate the troggs and the traitorous Thermaplugg.

Over the course of their adventures, Tiny learned the truth about Gervais' involvement with the destruction of their home city, which was none. After some time ,the two reconciled, and now live together in Dalaran, and have turned their attention from their ruined homeland to the frozen reaches of Northrend, and the destruction of the Lich King.

Nettlebloom Winterhoof, of Thunder Bluff, is a druid of great promise. From the inauspicious beginning of her father's death and her mother leaving her with tribesmen in Mulgore so she could adventure the rest of the world, Nettie (as she prefers to be called) has risen in esteem with the druids of Thunder Bluff and Moonglade, becoming quite a force of her own.

For Nettie, the world is a large, beautiful, deadly, spiritual place, filled with many races and many kinds of wisdom. While of course she reveres the great Earthmother, she believes that there is much to learn from the other races of Azeroth - both of the Horde and of the Alliance. She is particularly enthralled by the Night Elves' goddess Elune - seeing many parallels between that deity and the Earthmother.

Nettie was, of course, very glad to see her mother, Namirah, when she returned just after Nettie finished the Rites of the Earthmother. Their reunion had every possibility of being completely awkward, but the two have bonded well since Nami's return. After meeting her mother again, Nettie set out on an adventure of her own - attempting to collect and compile information from the other races of the Horde, that may someday be useful to the Tauren. Nettie has reservations about the closed-mindedness of some of her tribesmen, but hopes to find a way to convince the ever proud race that there is much to learn from the other races of Azeroth. She is currently concerned with the Bloodthistle of the Eversong Woods.

Over the course of her exploration, Nettie has joined forces with some of her Azerothian brethren in an organization called The Hand of the Flights. it's leader, Ranokal, was charged by Alexstraza, the great Aspect of Life, with protecting the interests of the dragon flights in Azeroth. Their immediate mission is to investigate and, ultimately, destroy the Lich King, whose scourge are causing such distress and decay to the land. Nettie, a healer, who searches for balance in all things, found herself immediately drawn to the idea of a world without the Scourge.

In accordance with her officer position within the Hand, Nettie found herself seeking out a Tauren who she had met, briefly, though an old friend named Palehoof. Eliath Stonecrusher is a Tauren Shaman, known for being a Spirit Walker - a being capable of sending aspects of his spirit to different locations than his physical self to complete various tasks: herb gathering, secret meetings, and surveillance being three that come immediately to mind.

What is soon to come in Nettie's story? I could tell you, but that would ruin the suspense...

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