Friday, May 21, 2010

New Kitten

So I will admit to having had some doubts as to whether or not Kaylee and Jack would co-exist well. At least, in the early days.
Boy was I wrong. Yeah, there was some hissing and growling for a couple of hours. Jack was not happy. There was a THING in HIS bathroom. And it looked like the THING that guards the fishes in the glass of the cabinet. And he was not having it.
But then he got close enough to smell her.
Jack is a cat that loves smells. And he loves smelling girl cats. When I come home from visiting a friend with girl kittens, he loves on me like there is no tomorrow. He just can't wait to rub up on my arms, lick my hands, and sit in my lap.
And after he got a smell of her, Jack was a changed cat. He wandered around with her butt in his face for hours, trying to figure out who she was.
Kaylee, for her part, is a girl with some Moxy. She huddled in a corner for about an hour, then got adventurous and played with one of her bell-balls. That was the sound that first alerted Jack to the fact that there was a living critter in that bathroom. And then, she just kept finding high ground to view him from. At one point, they were playing with each other's paws underneath the bathroom door. And once Kaylee realized that he wasn't going to eat her, she started exploring.
Jack gained a healthy respect for her size, and claws, and she realized that this huge cat was friendly, and still a baby himself, and nothing to be scared of.
And now they're chasing each other all over the apartment. :)
Sometimes Jack gets a little overzealous - and when he does, Kaylee squeaks, and he backs off. I've never seen anything like it. He gives her this inquisitive purr/meow, and like he's saying "Oops, did I do that?" and then goes to sit down somewhere until Kaylee starts playing again. And Jack doesn't play with his toys anymore - he watches Kaylee play with them, and then plays with her.
It's like when an child finally gets a baby sibling.
It's adorable.
I love my kittens.

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